Equisedan® Vet

Equine Health (Racing)

Product Information – Download Equisedan Leaflet

Registered Name – Equisedan® Vet

Composition – Detomidine hydrochloride 10mg/mL – solution for injection

Manufacturer – Richter Pharma AG


    • Equisedan is a dose contolled equine sedative and analgesic for all indications including visceral pain.
    • It can be used to fascilitate clinical examinations, X-rays, minor surgical procedures, transports etc., and for the contol of pain, including that of uncomplicated colic.
    • Equisedan can provide prolonged analgesia (up to 12 hours) for example with accident cases.

Presentation – 10mg/mL detomidine HCL – 10mL multi-dose vial.

Poisons Schedule – S4

APVMA Number – 61880/0109