Richtasol AD3EC 100mL

Cattle, Equine Health (Racing)

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Registered Name – Richtasol AD3EC Injection


Composition 1mL contains: * 50.000 I.U Vitamin A * 100mg Vitamin C * 25.00 I.U Vitamin D3 * 30mg Vitamin E as acetate


Vitamin A is important in the prevention of night blindness. Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium and for the normal metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin D3 prevents the development of rickets and osteomalacia. Vitamin E regulates oxidation processes and will assist in the prevention of damage to muscle tissues. Vitamin C prevents blood vessel fragility.

Dosage & Administration

Subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously (only for large animals), orally.
Horses/Cattle: 5-30mL
Sows/Boars: 5-10mL Also effective for use in Alpacas – Dose 5-10mL
Calves/Foals: 5-10mL
Piglets/Dogs: 1-6mL