Dogs (Household)

Austrazole Fungicidal Wash 100mL for Dogs

A leave on broad spectrum antimycotic treatment against dermatophytes, fungus and yeasts.  Effective against a range of Gram + bacteria.

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Butomidor Injection

Butorphanol tartrate is a synthetic opioid agonist – antagonist analgesic and sedative. At higher doses it is analgesic and at a lower dose it has a predictable sedative effect.

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Cameo Otic Ointment

Ear management for dogs with recurring ear issues.
Recommended for clinic administration by veterinarian, technical or nursing staff.
Eliminates potential for cross infection of ears.
No antibiotic, antifungal or corticosteroids – reduces antibiotic use.

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DL-Acetyl-Methionine (DL Methionine)

DL Methionine Injection acts to detoxify the liver.

DL Methionine protects tissue from free-radical damage. As a lipotropic agent, it plays a fundamental role in healthy liver function. It has antioxidant  activity, protects the liver and lympathatic system and other tissues throughout the body against free-radical damage.

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Penetrene ‘A’ Liniment

Do-it-yourself treatment. Liniment for treatment of sprains, strains and rheumatism in horses and dogs.

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Chewable tablets for canine urinary incontinence.

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Scour-X Oral Anti-Diarrhoeal Suspension

Proven and effective treatment of neomycin or sulfonamide sensitve bacterial enteritis in calves, horses, dogs, and cats.

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