Equine Health (Racing)

Austrazole Fungicidal Wash  for Horses (1L now available)

Austrazole contains a broad-spectrum clincally-proven topical antimycotic for the treatment of fungal and yeast infections on horses.  Ringworm is highly contagious and must be treated if a horse is to be presented for racing or competition.

Austrazole is an apply and let dry treatment. No rinsing.
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Butomidor Injection

Butorphanol tartrate is a synthetic opioid agonist – antagonist analgesic and sedative. At higher doses it is analgesic and at a lower dose it has a predictable sedative effect.

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DL-Acetyl-Methionine (DL Methionine)

DL Methionine Injection acts to detoxify the liver.

DL Methionine protects tissue from free-radical damage. As a lipotropic agent, it plays a fundamental role in healthy liver function. It has antioxidant  activity, protects the liver and lympathatic system and other tissues throughout the body against free-radical damage.

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Enerselen Injection 100mL (Kynoselen  Replacement)


• Injectable selenium treatment – Muscle protective

• Delays onset of muscle fatigue (“tying up” or cramping)

• Increases exercise and training ability

• Accurate selenium dose

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Equisedan® Vet

Equisedan is a dose controlled equine sedative and analgesic for all indications including visceral pain.

Manufactured to European Union [EU] Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP].
A guarantee of product quality and reliability.

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Hippiron Iron Injection 20mL
  • Treats iron deficiencies.
  • Restorative properties, particularly after illness or injury.
  • Promotes health in pregnant mares.

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Penetrene ‘A’ Liniment

Do-it-yourself treatment. Liniment for treatment of sprains, strains and rheumatism in horses and dogs.

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Phlegmon Black Label

For the treatment of abscess formation, inflamed tendons and joints, and to ripen pustules.

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Richtafort B12 – for Horses

Richtafort 12.5% + Vitamin B12 Injection is the highest potency phosphorus injection on the market with 125mg of phosphorus per mL compared to its competitors of 100mg of phosphorus per mL.

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Richtasol AD3EC 100mL

To increase resistance to infectious diseases, parasitic infestations, promotes growth and wellbeing.

Composition 1mL contains:
* 50.000 I.U Vitamin A
* 100mg Vitamin C
* 25.00 I.U Vitamin D3
* 30mg Vitamin E as acetate

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Romazine 100 Injection for Horses and Deer

A sedative, analgesic and muscle relaxant for horses and deer. Approved for intravenous IV and intramuscular IM injection. 50 mL multi dose vial.

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Scour-X Oral Anti-Diarrhoeal Suspension

Proven and effective treatment of neomycin or sulfonamide sensitve bacterial enteritis in calves, horses, dogs, and cats.

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Triprim for Horses

Broad spectrum antibacterial injection – gram positive and negative infections. Long-acting – once-a-day dosage – sulfadimidine + trimethoprim.

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