Romazine 100 Injection for Horses & Deer

Equine Health (Racing)

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Registered Name – Romazine 100 Injection

Composition – 100mg/mL Xylazine (as the hydrochloride)

Manufacturer – Ausrichter Pty Ltd

Dosage & Administration

HORSES: Romazine 100 may be administered intramuscularly at 2.5-3.0mg/kg bodyweight or intravenously at 1 mg/kg bodyweight. The dose rate may be reduced in older or tired horses and increased in more excitable animals. Horses treated with Romazine 100 Injection rarely become recumbent.

DEER: Romazine 100 Injection may be administered intramuscularly at 0.5-4.0 mg/kg bodyweight or intravenously at 0.25-2.0 mg/kg bodyweight. The intravenous dose is 50% of the intramuscular dose. Dose rate for common dear species are provided in the packaging insert.

Presentation – 50mL multi-dose vial

Storage – Store below 30°C (room temperature)

Poisons Schedule – Prescription Animal Remedy S4

APVMA Number – 47523/0505