Triprim for Cattle


Product Information – Download Triprim Leaflet
Registered Name – Triprim Anti-Bacterial Injection
Composition – 200 mg/mL Sulfadimidine & 40 mg/mL Trimethoprim
Manufacturer – richer pharma ag


Broad spectrum antibacterial injection – gram positive and negative infections. Long-acting – once-a-day dosage – sulfadimidine + trimethoprim.

    • Urogenital tract infections
    • Gastro intestinal tract
    • mastitis
    • foot rot
    • septicaemia

Dosage & Administration

1 mL per 10-15 kg bw daily by intramuscular (IM ) or intravenous (IV ) injection.

Store below 25°C (air conditioning). Protect from light.

Do not refrigerate. At low temperature crystallisation of the product may occasionally occur.

This can be reversed by warming of the bottle in hot water.

APVMA Number – 47418/01